The company Cheimonidis Travel

Our many years of experience in tourism coupled with our love and passion for travel make us capable of meeting the needs of each individual traveler more fully. 

Our office

The office of the company is based on the western side of Thessaloniki and has a highly specialized staff with the purpose of immediate service and service.


Our buses 

We have our own buses wanting to offer you a comfortable and safe journey with state-of-the-art transportation facilities.

Our target

The satisfaction of each of you, but also the quick, immediate and ideal offer that will respond as much as possible to the needs and wishes of our customers.



We work with the best hotels and rooms to rent with the aim of offering you the best financial deals. 

We stand out 

We stand out as we offer plenty of choice between unique destinations in Greece and abroad.



Our years of experience in the field are the ones that rank us first in your travel choices.